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We have utilized the services of AnswerPhone since the start of our transplant program at Mayo Clinic in February 1998. Through the years, our program has grown and gone through many changes and we are proud to be one of the busiest and premier transplant programs in the country.Almost every organ...


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24-hour answering service

Over the past 51 years Answerphone USA has provided 24-hour answering service for business communication services. Our 24-hour answering service has helped businesses improve customer satisfaction by answering customer questions throughout the night. Our dedicated support team has years of experience to provide any business industry with live answering service.

Phone Answering Service

At Answerphone USA we pride ourselves on phone answering service for your company. By implementing our phone answering service, your company will never miss another call or reservation again. Se how phone answering service can relieve your stress.

Email Service

While operating a company the most efficient way of reaching your employees is through email. Our email service allows your messages to be sent to all, or select employees.Email service also allows customers to receive emails from your company daily, weekly or yearly according to your needs.

Inbound Call Center

Our inbound call center is staffed only by experienced live operators. Our #1 priority is to make your customers happy with excellent customer service. Our inbound call center is capable of handling peak time calls, providing greater customer satisfaction.

Live Answering

Never left your customers talk to another machine today. At Answerphone USA our live answering service ensures your customers will speak to an experienced live operator every time. No matter the time of day, your customers will always have the comforts of live answering.

Fax service

Fax Service allows us to send detailed call reports to your fax machine or email address at times you desire. Every call is recorded to your company's file in order to provide you with a detailed list of all calls.

Answering Service

Answering Service is the number one thing that keeps your customers happy, resulting in more profits for your company. Our answering service offers world class customer service care, keeping your company at the top of customer service satisfaction.

Telephone Answering

Our telephone answering team provides around the clock customer support for your company's needs. Our telephone answering services allow us to make reservations, answer customer questions and receive after hour emergency calls.

Communication Services

At Answerphone USA we offer a range of different communication services for your company. Appointment confirmations, reservation lines, virtual receptionist, inbound call center and order entry/reservations are just a few communication services we offer for your company.


Call patching is your own personal receptionist. When our agent answers the call they take down the name and number and place the caller on hold. The call is then redirected/patched to you. If you agree to receive the call, then you will be directed to the caller. If you do not wish to take the call, our experienced agents will gladly take the call.

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